This is a frequently asked question by scores of would-be buyers of Ray Bans skeptical to just pay for what’s on display. You can’t blame them for being overly doubtful anyway. Fake Ray Bans are all over like white on rice. In the stores, online markets, open markets, on the streets … the list stretches into an inexhaustible infinity.

How does one make a distinction between genuine and replicas? Are there obscured features that buyers need to ardently look out for? This post examines telltale signs that could physically help tell apart the disparities. And it takes more than just taking a furtive glance to spot a fake.

Spot the not!

#1: Box

If you’ve just bought a pair Ray Bans sunglasses, initially check the box. A genuine pair comes in a neat, not-bashed-around box that’s equally not too shiny. A pair of fake Ray Bans UK is often packed in a box that’s exceedingly shiny (a betraying sign). Then there’s the likelihood the box is bashed around. A genuine box of Ray Bans bears a label with barcodes on its side. This is a clear indication that it’s from a trustworthy retailer hence authentic.

#2: Case

The case of a fake pair of Ray Bans can equally deceive an unsuspecting eye. Check it well. If it doesn’t feel all leathery on your hands, with even stitches on it and a polished logo on the left side to boot, that’s a fake. A genuine Ray Bans case has a logo on its left side and another one on the popper or fastener. Also, fake Ray Bans don’t boast a hardened front like genuine ones.

#3: Contents Inside

The contents inside the box matter a great deal. So don’t leave any stone unturned. Authentic Ray Bans sunglasses bear a label from the original retailer where you got them. That’s proof enough that they’re genuine glasses. Inside the authentic package, there’s a clean cloth, a booklet of ‘icons’ and the manufacturers note. Look out for these contents when buying.

#4: Label on Lens

On the fake Ray Bans UK lens, you’ll spot a normal adhesive sticker that tries really hard to masquerade as a genuine label. Sadly the logo on it is neither easy on the eye nor centered. The adhesive sticker is similar to the kind that uses static to stick on surfaces. Bona fide Ray Bans are easy to spot. The label on the lens is often sharp and shiny with gold foil around it. And the logo? It’s perfectly centered on the label.

There are numerous other dead giveaways that indicate what you’re donning is fake rather than genuine glasses from a reputable retailer. For instance, a scratched Ray Ban engraving, small, low quality, plastic hinges, larger angle of the arms, and many others. It’s important to familiarize yourself with fake Ray Bans sunglasses in order to make an informed choice.